before the storm

before the storm
The wind started to blow, which made me look out the window, which made me grab my camera, which made me run outside, which made me ever so grateful for our little home among the saguaros.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

today is her birthday...

I was so young when she passed that my memories are few. I always think of her on her very special birthday. My father used to love to tell the story of when he realized he had more official birthdays than his mother, born on February 29. I am so blessed that my grandfather and father liked photography too. I don't know who the photographer was for this photo but you can see the love in her eyes. My grandfather's handwriting is on the back "up on Higgins Farm". It is so precious to me. We still need to print and write on the back of photos, don't you think?

Happy Leap Day!