after the storm

after the storm
Welcome autumn!

Friday, February 11, 2011

a bowl of tomatoes...

While I was taking pictures of tomatoes yesterday, all I could think of was "The Four Seasons", a movie from the '80's. There was a character who was an obsessed photographer, working to get just the right shot. "For a year and a half, all we talked about was zucchini. Then for another year it was green peppers - that was a nice change."

I am always surprised when I hear people who enjoy photography say that they have nothing to shoot. My problem seems to be just the opposite. Everything catches my eye. Too much catches my eye. I notice the shape of the lamp. I see my husband's hands as he works in the garden. The light falls on the clean stack of dishes. Or I walk by a bowl of tomatoes.

I am hoping, unlike Anne in "The Four Seasons", that I will be able to move on from the tomatoes. Should not be a problem since we will be eating these tonight.

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once in a blue moon said...

another fun thought and shot~

its been so windy here for days i finally got the quiet i was craving and went out to play in my garden with the camera. unlike you, i never pick one pic, i seam to love them all... i posted over 50 pics of a tiny table yesterday, only i care, but i can see something to love in every little new angle, or sliver of light. its a sickness for me, i know less is best, but for pics i just can't do it :(