after the storm

after the storm
Welcome autumn!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

will you be another statistic?

From NPR: Avocado consumption during the Super Bowl has become the stuff of urban legend. Most of the statistics are probably exaggerated, but that's not going to stop us from repeating them. Because one says Americans will consume about 50 million pounds of the fruit as they sit on their couches watching the game. A more graphic claim comes from the California Avocado Commission. The California Avocado Commission has been quoted saying the amount of guacamole that Americans will eat this Sunday is enough to cover a football field - end-zone to end-zone, waist deep.

I promise, my guacamole recipe is worth trying.

Happy Super Bowl. In honor of my dad and my brother, GO PACKERS!


Marigene said...

A green salad isn't a salad without a sliced avocado in it!

mariettesbacktobasics said...

Dearest Barbara,

Thanks for your visit and comment!
About the Super Bowl consumption of 'avocado' that is something! We eat almost daily half an avocado for breakfast because of its health benefits. Super Bowl is not for us, coming from a different continent you miss that... We were more familiar with soccer and that has caught up here in the US lately as well but in general we don't watch sports.
As for the cold you're facing in your area, do you have central heat in your homes? If not, that will be quite miserable. Cooling in summer is one thing but heating for winter is another necessity. Well, I just discovered our surprise for today... water in our downstairs rooms. We had so much rain yesterday that there were flood warnings in north and central Georgia. Luckily we got tile floors there with only one wool/silk rug that got somewhat wet. Could be worse!
Humans cannot control the powers of the environment and those forces can be quite strong!
With my Open House for Valentine's Sales I had bad luck yesterday... and even today it is raining on and off. That keeps people away.
It will just be quiet and also a quiet birthday tomorrow.
Enjoy your weekend and stay warm; good food helps a lot!



the cape on the corner said...

well, i do not enjoy avacados, but i enjoy learning interesting tidbits of information! waist deep-insane!

Sherry said...

Funny what things we have the habit of doing around sporting events, even funnier that we do them around the TV watching the sporting events.

Sketchy said...

Yes, I will proudly and happily be a statistic on this one!