before the storm

before the storm
The wind started to blow, which made me look out the window, which made me grab my camera, which made me run outside, which made me ever so grateful for our little home among the saguaros.

Friday, January 4, 2013

in praise of the nandina bush...

On Thanksgiving Day, the berries were a bronzy orange, perfectly paired with pumpkins and leaves from our eucalyptus tree, a last minute decoration on our outdoor table. {Excuse the quality of this hastily taken photo, taken in the middle of dinner.}

When ready to decorate for Christmas, the berries were turning a pretty red. They were in bowls filled with pine cones and in this rustic box made by my husband. When I needed a little extra greenery, I just snipped a few branches. You can see those Thanksgiving eucalyptus leaves turned a silvery, snowy color.

Now the holidays are over. We are slowly getting things put away, ready to enjoy the lovely simplicity that is January. The nandina berries continue to make me happy.


a quiet life said...

another perfectly artful presentation by you~

Barbara said...

I just took some images today in our park of pyracantha much like the berries of the nandina. Always love the pop of red here in the desert.

You settings are so pretty.

Dotti said...

My lucky day ... popped onto catch up with you and found not one but three new posts. A feast for my eyes! Those nandina are too good to believe! I must look into that.

Happy New Year, my friend ... and thank you for your beautiful Christmas cards.