after the storm

after the storm
Welcome autumn!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I think I may have PADD. For those of you not familiar with this affliction, PADD is Photographers Attention Deficit Disorder. Let me give you an example of my morning. I woke up with the best of intentions of things that must be done today. I decide I need to start my day with some breakfast, which I often skip. My go-to is a bowl of Special K with fruit on top. I grab the strawberries from the frig and take them to the sink to wash. As I am running the water over them, I look at the basil plant on the window sill (thank you, Trader Joes, you had it just when I needed it). I think about how good it smells and how happy I am that it has been protected from our week of freezing temperatures. I get a knife to cut the strawberries. I look at the basil again and see the way the light is coming through the back of the leaves. It is a gentle light but the veins of the leaves are so pretty. There is light coming from the sides and a bit from behind me too. I grab my camera to take a few quick shots. Luckily, the macro is already on and the camera is close by so I am only distracted for a few minutes.

I cut the strawberries and put them on my cereal. I start thinking about the light on the basil leaf as I pour the milk on my cereal. I decide to bring the basil into the living room to check the beautiful morning light from the east. The light changes quickly so I want to check right way. I move the plant around the room but don't see the light I am hoping to find. I look out the window and decide that I would find just what I need there. I take the plant outside, with camera in hand. It is cold. I am only in my jammies. It is really cold. I decide that I can get a quick shot. I put the plant where I think the light is best and realize that isn't the right light. I decide that I am too cold to play around any more with this so go to pick up the plant. I realize that the shadows playing through the leaves look like Tinker Bell. I know that if my daughter was here, she would completely agree. I know if my son or husband were here, they would be shaking their heads. I can't walk away from Tinker Bell, no matter how cold. I take a quick couple of shots and head back toward the door. As I am looking at my LCD screen, I realize I forgot to adjust the ISO so go back to take another quick shots. It is cold.

I am finally, inside. It is so cold out there. I have to shower and get dressed. I notice the cereal, now soggy. I figure it won't hurt to wait another minute while I get the card downloading. I put the card in the computer and start thinking that it would be fun to put a Tinker Bell quote on this photo. I google Tinker Bell. I find out that her name is not Tinkerbell, as I thought, but Tinker Bell. I start reading Tinker Bell quotes, trying to find my favorite. My card has downloaded. I have to take a peek at the photos. I know that I still don't have the shot that I was "seeing" when I first looked at the basil plant but I can try that again later. I find the Tinker Bell quote I want to use. I take a second look at the photos and decide which one I like best. I second guess myself. Does this really look like Tinkerbell? I think it does. I pull up the photo in PS and start to work the text. I play around with fonts. I have too many fonts. I really need to find a way to organize them. I decide that this one (2 Peas shenanigans) isn't exactly what I had in mind but it works. My daughter likes the word shenanigans so I figure since she may be the only one who would agree this looks like Tinker Bell, it is the right one to use. I do a quick process and add the quote. I size it for flickr.

I start wondering if other photographers are like this. I should ask. Maybe, I'll write about it on my blog. If I don't write it now, I know I never will.

That cereal looks bad.

I am still cold.

Yes, I think it's PADD.



Deb said...

Yep, just like Tinkerbell...

Dotti said...

I plead the 5th Amendment. Actually, nodding my head, yes, yes, yes. I went out yesterday to get the paper, cold, very. The droplets from the overnight rain are "almost" ice. I started muttering to myself, the whole way down the driveway, Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Thinking about my agenda, trying to be disciplined, knowing full well I was going to go inside, put the macro lens on the camera, get the iPhone, then go back out and shoot with both cameras. Yup. We need a 12-step program. Isn't it fun?

a quiet life said...

very relatable... i see so much all the time, especially when on the coast, i keep my camera sitting on the kitchen counter and must click something every hour... i am lazy about looking through the pics, but as long as i think i have captured the moment i can rest.

good eye for your tiny dancer, i love living in the wee moments, it makes life such more joyful~

Anonymous said...

Perfect Tinker Bell! I saw it right away and the quote is great! Thanks for sharing Barbara.
PS Sorry about the cereal. Strawberries and Special K sound prety good. : )

Cindy Chilton said...

Oh yes, I can relate. We can have cereal any time but good light comes and goes.

That is Tinker Bell for sure! So cool.

Cathy H. said...

I saw her the first time I saw your image on Flickr. It made me think of the time in one of Big Picture Classes where you saw the Loch Nest Monster in my pumpkin stem! And was it Santa in a raisen? I can't remember! I have always love the story of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, it was one of the movies my mom and dad let us watch! Thanks for bringing back the memories!

Barbara said...

I see everyone agreed with all of this, can relate. I have done this to the point where I fell last week on the tile face down because I didnt' see the computer cord. Luckly I didn't have my camera in hand but my poor nose didn't fair well. My daughter and son just didn't understand.