after the storm

after the storm
Welcome autumn!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I love it when bobcats come to visit...

He showed up on Thursday. For quite a while, all I saw was his backside. As I tried to watch him, I realized that he may be around a lot more often than I realize. He hid easily among the salvia and later behind the roses. I saw him watching where one of the tortoises is hibernating (at least I think that's where Tillie is). He circled around started pawing into the area. I decided to try to startle him away, something I never do. My knocking on the window didn't bother him at all but he didn't find a tortoise. These were some not very good photos from Thursday:

He was back today. Never even thinking of him, I walked outside this morning to take some shots of the roses. I need to be more aware. I had taken several shots and then I saw some movement to the right of me. There was still plenty of distance between us. He was not aggressive but I need to be smarter. I had been working with the macro so I wasn't set for pictures of him. I grabbed my longer lens from the table (which is why my dining room table is always filled with lenses and cameras, despite the fact I like a pretty table) and went back to find him. By that time, he was on the wall, ready to leave since I had disturbed him. He did pose nicely for a moment or two, without hiding behind the brush. The light was in my favor. Here are a few from today:

At first he paused.

Then he looked at me as I looked at him.

Check out those paws.

Love his tongue in this shot.

Then he plotted his escape or spotted some breakfast.

And then he was gone.

Hope he comes back soon.