after the storm

after the storm
Welcome autumn!

Friday, May 28, 2010

the dreaded blue screen...

I have been without my computer for several days. WB is home today so I have grabbed his laptop. I had no idea how dependent I have become on my computer. No idea.

What is the name of the Phoenix Suns coach? I go to look it up. I can't.

What is K's recipe for the yummy sauce I want to use with my stir fry? I go to look it up. I can't.

Did the photos I took of the turkey vulture flying above me yesterday turn out? I go to download them. I can't.

Is M doing okay? I go to check my email. I can't.

I want to place an order so I can put together cards for sale. I can't.

My heart starts pounding when I think of everything on that computer that I may never get back - fonts (so many carefully collected fonts), all my lessons from when I was teaching, years of emails from my children detailing their college experiences that I always intended on putting together for them in a book form, actions for PS, collections of vintage photos, copies of letters, quotes, words, ideas, memories... The list goes on and on. I am relieved to remember that most of my photos are on my external hard drives and backed up. Why is it that was the only thing I thought was important enough to back up?

WB has a call into an expert. I am starting the process of looking for something new. I am hoping for the best.

If there are some positive "you'll get everything back" vibes you can send my way, I would appreciate it so very much.


a quiet life said...

vibing right back at you, in todays day and age, i am sure nothing is ever truly lost :-)

you are just one zone out, no harm in trying, i do know you need to get the very early bloomers only, thats the only way i can have them in my climate~ order them next fall for an early spring show~

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Thanks for your very kind visit to my bluebird tablescape -- It's so very nice to meet you! Gosh I hope you find a way to get all your treasures back.

Fifi Flowers said...

Pretty flowers!

Sarah said...

Hope this all worked out in a positive outcome. It's amazing how much we all depend on our computers.

Anonymous said...

I left Houston without my computer, an accident I assure you, and it's amazing how many things you want to do when you don't have it. The iPhone plugged a few gaps but can't compare with the real thing.