after the storm

after the storm
Welcome autumn!

Friday, November 4, 2011

blowing in the wind...

We have so much sun here that a cloudy day is cause for celebration. I want to get out with my camera and capture that rich, saturated color that only cloudy days can bring. When I saw a monarch butterfly hanging about the garden, I knew I would capture some colorful photos.

I wasn't thinking about the wind. The 30mph winds.

First I got many just like this.

Then I got some like this. There is part of me that likes this one.

I don't know how she hung on.

It was worth being patient.


Marigene said...

Great photos...our Monarchs left a couple of weeks ago for their trek south.

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hello Barbara,
gorgeous photos. I have read that the Monarchs fly incredible distances to the south. Amazing butterflies and so pretty.
Best greetings, Johanna

Maggie @ SweetwaterBaby said...

Hey...thanks for visiting over at sweetwater baby! Love love love your pics! I'm a desert girl too! And now I'm a follower... :)

Patrice said...

Stunning color!

Joanna said...

Love the background in the last photo.

Kathy said...

Hello Barbara,
Fantastic photos! I am glad you persisted!
Well Done!

a quiet life said...

i am with you on the clouds, its a time to celebrate change isn't it~ love the real life shots. thank heavens they are so sloth like that we can get such gorgeous pics :)