after the storm

after the storm
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Friday, December 23, 2011

my baby girl...

Today is her birthday. Yes, we had a "just about Christmas" baby. We would never have named her Christmas, although it would have been perfect with our last name. We mentioned this to her when she was four. Without telling us, she announced to her preschool teachers and friends that her real name was Christmas but they could call her Crissy. I didn't find out until I saw the papers she had worked on at school with the name Crissy (her decision on the spelling), in familiar handwriting. She didn't see anything wrong with changing her name to what it really should have been. Eventually, she went back to her given name but it always makes me smile to think of her making the change.

She is exactly as she was as a baby, happy, social, interested and sure of herself. It is amazing the glimpses we get of our adult children when they are young. The things that are so true are there all along. We just don't recognize them until many years later.

Happy birthday, my sweet girl. You are too far away this year.


deb said...

Happy B day to her as well!

Marigene said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful would have been my mother's 90th birthday today.

Patrice said...

Today is my brother's birthday, too! Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful photo of her. Sarah is due any day now, and is hoping to get past Christmas before the little one arrives. His name has already been chosen, although she and her father have had some funny conversations about name changes should she deliver on Christmas Day.

Joanna said...

What a lovely looking girl. Seasons greeting to all.

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Barbara,

Happy birthday to your baby-girl! Time is so precious and it goes too fast. Like distances that get between us; never in-between though!
We know that feeling all too well. Our girl was here a few weeks ago and now she's over 4,000 miles away but always close in our hearts!
Love to you and have a Merry Christmas!


janel said...

Special birthday wishes to you al. I am sure this day is filled with melancholy and memories. I hope you are wrapped in love as you look at the tree and see that her light is twinkling even though she is not under your roof this morning. Merry Christmas! A beautiful post.

GailO said...

What a beautiful portrait of a beautiful young woman! I thoroughly enjoyed her story too...what creativity at four!

Hope your family's Christmas was delightful!

Joddo said...

Beautiful girl! Hope you had a great Christmas. I have missed your images on PH. Have a happy New Year!!

Joddo (Jody)